Be Creative – November – Prompt 16

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This is the final prompt of the weekend. Please leave feedback – either by the contact form or via a comment below. Writing these prompts takes time, and as we come towards the end of the first year of Be Creative it would be good to know what ‘works’ and what needs changing. Our group has become a very active and supportive one, I want it to stay that way.

We began by looking at circles nearby, and observed them in various ways throughout the weekend. Let’s finish with them too.

Make a list of all the circles you can find in your kitchen. Some of them will be functional – look at how they are connected – some will be there to create texture – can you duplicate it in your artwork. Evaluate your findings – and make more lists!

Finally – a quote that has almost become my…

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Be Creative – November – Prompt 14a

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This is the second stage of Prompt 14

Now we will add stitch to the painted strip. No more preparation is required – and this time you can stitch from the front.

Once again aim for abstraction – I look forward to seeing the results.

Once completed you will have 4 small zigzag books that relate to circles in different ways. These could be the starting points for further investigations into designs for circles.

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Be Creative – November – Prompt 14

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Once again this prompt is in two stages – the second part will follow very soon.

Part 1

Take the folded unpainted strip with no circles.

Use 4 small pieces of fabric cut roughly to ‘page’ size – adhere them all to one side using Bondaweb/Wundaweb following the instructions.( You could also use something like 606 spray if you have it – remember the well ventilated area – or tiny dabs of glue in the corners if all else is impossible. Beware, though, adhesives will often show through leaving unsightly marks.)

When cool/dry/ready

Use a suitable needle and thread to follow the line of holes with a rough running stitch. Stitch through the holes from the back and pull the thread gently or the paper will tear.

The circles are invisible – don’t try to recreate them, but you can refer to the ‘pattern’ if you wish. Either stitch in…

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Be Creative – November – Prompt 13a

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You should now have 2 ‘stacks’ of strips with folds. Work on one ‘stack’ at a time.

Place a *folded towel on a firm surface and find your pin.

Make sure that the side with the drawn circles is uppermost.

Using the pin make a series of holes following the drawn lines. The spacing of the holes will depend on how large you have drawn your circles – make them roughly the same distance apart.

Make sure that that the holes go right through both layers. Hold up towards a light or a window to check.

*If you have another surface that is suitable for pricking use that.

Next stage following in the next scheduled prompt.

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