I know that you are out there…….

Originally posted on myfanwyhart.com:

Yes, it’s true. I know that you are there, because when I write a post there is activity on the blog – and my statistics jump up high.

But you are all so quiet! Hardly any comments or interaction!

Now why is that?

I have plans for this blog – and you will notice a difference, but in the meantime – talk to me. Tell me what you would like to see here. I’d really like to know – I’m sure it will fit in with my plans because I know that we are interested in similar things.

You can leave a comment below – or if you are too shy to say anything in public you can complete the comment form. I don’t bite, in fact, I’m very user friendly – ask anyone who has been on a course or met me at a show. I’ll respond to every…

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