Colour Prompt 35

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34 June 27

Here is your colour prompt for this week. If you use (see below *) or even consider using them, please also think about donating to the Be Creatively charity of the month MacMillan Cancer Support. You can do so here or via the link in the sidebar. Thank you to those who have already done this. Be Creatively is totally free – this is a way for you to put a little bit back.

* The rules are simple. Use at least three of these colours in your journal, stitching or any other sort of artwork – add more colours if you wish to make them sparkle and sing. Link back to this post if you write about it on your blog or website, if you aren’t sure how to do that – just leave your link in the comments.

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Mini Challenge – July 3rd

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How many colours can you see in this photograph?

blog bad garden

Your challenge this week is to study the above then paint a strip matching the colours in their correct proportions. Another way of recording colour is to wrap a piece of card with threads/yarns. Either is a good resource for future use.

If you prefer you can use one of your own photographs – for example the photo challenge that was set earlier in the week. The new colour challenge will be posted tomorrow.

Don’t forget to link back to this post if you write about it on your blog or website.

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