Be Creative – February – Prompt 27

Originally posted on Creating something every day:

The last Friday of the month. Have you managed to do all the exercises suggested? It was possible to do each of them in 15 minutes – but if you had more time than that you were able to take them further.

Friday is a good day to review the week. Today, however, we can review the whole month.

Take a good look at all the pages you have produced. It is probable that many of them will seem related for different reasons. Your task today is to scan/photocopy as many as possible and keep them for future reference.

Your task today is to tear strips from at least three different copies. Try to make the strips roughly equal in width.

Next – tear the strips into rough squares. Don’t worry if there are wobbly edges or pieces sticking out – that is part of their charm. Remove all those…

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