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Originally posted on Two Minutes of Solitude:

Somehow my day isn’t complete if I haven’t done something creative. That doesn’t mean that I have to complete my Life’s Work! It jusst means that I do something! Often something will end up in a journal like this. I call them my ‘Collective Hotchpotch’ Journals – no theme, and permission to do anything in or with them. I have quite a few – this is my current one. I’ve been doing it for some time – and in fact 6th September brings me to the end of anothere 100 days of daily ‘doing! I often give reference to my daily ‘doing’ over here.

It can be very relaxing to create when there is no pressure or deadline, and sometimes losing myself in something like this is the perfect revelation of peace and solitude. Let’s face it, you are never alone when you have a paintbrush in hand…

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