Secrets and Surprises 

Two Minutes of Solitude

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the unexpected. I strolled around our garden today – here’s what I found


This aquilegia, a spring flower, was all set to spread its seeds. Unexpectedly small versions of the flower have suddenly appeared on what appears to be a dead stem. It may be a common occurrence, but I’ve never seen it before and the garden has displayed a spring show of these plants for many years.


This viburnum is such a blessing. Usually the first flowers open in October – and flowering goes on for six months or more. Already there are buds waiting to show colour, and this little spot of pink is the first to do so. Last year we were surprised by flowers in September!

IMG_3783This find really was unexpected. A fruit on the camellia. To be honest, it had never even occurred to me that the plants would fruit…

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