A step in another direction

Crochet Along With Me

Did I bit off more than I could chew? I’ll let you decide.

This is one of the blogs I follow. Recently there was a call for pattern testers. I decided I’d give it a try – even though this would be dthe first time I’e followed a pattern!

Firstly, I made a mistake, but it wasn’t the fault of the pattern!


I wanted to use some of my own hand-dyed yarn. There is very little in my shop at the moment, but I have an enormous stash to list of mostly cotton embroidery yarns. The one I chose, however, although recommended for knitting was impossible to crochet. Made from 10 very fine, loose strands I found it just kept getting tangled in the hook. It was fine for the first part of the pattern (which is fun to do, by the way), but became too awkward once I attempted…

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