Two weeks down the line

Creating something every day

October is certainly passing quickly, but no faster than any other month of 2015. I’m pleased to report that I’m still on schedule with 15 minutes a day, and here is a little gallery of the nine-patches made since my last post.

Don’t forget that you can follow them each day here.

I also finished the week of recycled patches and will shortly upload the rest here either today or tomorrow. Time has been short, and blogging via the iPad or iPhone is too much of a fiddle to do it regularly.


The Sunflower Throw is finished. Details are here if you are interested and I have embarked upon another.


The purpose of this was to use up some of the ‘brown’ colours that were in the Sunflower Throw. It isn’t my favourite colour, but actually

sits very well with the other chosen colours. It’s progress will be

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