A groan, a moan, and …

Chittle Chattle

….that feels better

I used to walk each day with my camera. If you look way back at past posts you will see. Not recently, though. Firstly, that camera gave up on me, and secondly I haven’t been able to walk far as a result of damaging my foot. Now that is on its way to recovery, so the situation will change. I have really missed doing that, and it gave me lots of inspiration for writing too.

Currently my inspiration is local. I mean VERY LOCAL.

This is sort of my ‘studio’ view, but the studio has many other uses too. Photographs are usually taken with the iPhone – it’s what I have to hand always, and whereas my ‘broken’ camera fitted comfortably in my pocket, the new one is too bulky and heavy – and I can’t walk around the house with it slung around my neck…

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