Mini Challenge – 2

Be Creatively ...

Did you find your textile? It could be a piece of vintage embroidery – or a scarf of which you are particularly fond – and absolutely anything else as long as it has a pattern.

Lie it out in front of you. Can you isolate a motif? Do you like the motif? If the answer to both these questions is ‘No’ try creating folds to break up the surface, of course, you can do this even if you like the pattern.

(Once I’m happy with the position I like to take a photograph in case I wish to refer to it again but this isn’t essential)

Find your paper and thick pen

Using sweeping strokes draw the OUTLINE of your chosen motif. Draw it several times – even up to and ‘over’ the edge. Leave blank space, however, ready for the next stage which will come tomorrow.

(Instead of using…

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