Snatched moments

Two Minutes of Solitude

2016 has not begun in the manner I expected. Moments of peace and solitude have been snatched from an otherwise busy and troubling ‘schedule’. The ‘something new’ I mentioned in my last post has certainly been on my mind.


It isn’t the first cup of coffee that is the sweetest of the day as far as I’m concerned – it’s the second! The first is drunk whilst doing other things – but the second is savoured 😉

Unexpectedly I ended up in hospital. Emergency treatment was required for an undiagnosed problem – and there will be more to come. It is a relief to have the diagnosis – now we can move forward (carefully for the time being) and hopefully later this year all things will be ‘back to normal’.

Sadly, shortly after the hospital stay, my dear mother died. At the age of 97, and in the advanced stages…

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