Lost WIP

Crochet Along With Me

This is going to sound very smug…… I don’t have one! I have been very strict. I’m not allowed to start another project until the current one is finished. That doesn’t mean to say that the situation won’t change!! I have a feeling I won’t be able to resist starting some things in the not too distant future, but hopefully none will become ‘lost’.


I thought I’d show you something that wasn’t exactly ‘LOST’ but has been resurrected.

From time to time I make a little book – either as a journal or as a project book. This, I think, was made at the end of 2014, but due to unexpected family health problems and more it wasn’t used for it’s intended purpose. The cover is made with strips of painted newspaper, some of which had the addition of scrawly doodles. Quick machine stitching added a bit of texture…

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