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Crochet Along With Me


It has long been my habit of ensuring that I spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something creative. I highly recommend the practice – especially if inspiration seems to have disappeared. The object is to do something.

One of my favourite materials is Abaca Tissue. This plant based tissue has some lovely properties.

Firstly – it takes colour very well, and a variety of results can be created using either water colour or dye.


Patterns are sometimes a surprise – but whether light or dark they are always useable.

AbacaPaint 1

Once dry they take on a new personality. Cut or torn into strips they can be layered into landscapes and more.

Collage Etsy 2

This versatile material can also be used as a basis for stitch – but more about that another day.

I’ll also be posting for this challenge at – completely different subjects.

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