A challenge for the week beginning April 18 – 1

Be Creatively ...

It has been a while since we had a little group challenge. This one is easy – and will only take a few moments each day.

Take a look at the photograph below. You may not like the image, or think that it is a good photograph – but over the next few days you will be asked to make observations.

CONCENTRATE ONLY ON THE OBSERVATIONS REQUIRED FOR EACH DAY. In other words – don’t be sidetracked into making comments that haven’t yet been requested….!

It is suggested that you either print off the picture and add it to your sketchbook or journal, or file it on your computer where you can also add the observations you make over the next few days.


Monday’s observations:

  • What is happening in the picture?
  • What is the main focal point?
  • Using only one word for each, list three things that you can see

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