Heavy felting

Creating something every day

This must be the quickest and easiest form of felting. I used the sewing machine as it was up and ready, but quick hand stitches would work too.

Pure wool yarn (not yarn that is suitable for machine washing) was cut into lengths and sandwiched between water soluble fabric. I used about 3 layers and crisscrossed the strands. Perfection is not an issue – just go for it if you are trying it out. I also added a few other yarns etc for extra texture.

Cotton thread is the best to use. Stitch through all layers, just to hold it together for the time being.

Boil a pan of water.

(Health and safety- this will get hot)

When boiling turn the pan down to a simmer.

With care (yes it will still be hot ….) drop your stitched yarn into the pan

Seconds later it should be felted and very…

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