A Touch of Constance

Crochet Along With Me

I enjoy a challenge.

Choosing colours for a project isn’t usually a challenge – and I can work with most of them. This project is probably the nearest I have come to a ‘scrap’ project. I have some yarns left over from previous projects and they are taking up space. They are from a mix of manufacturers, but are all double knitting.

There is such a strange mix of yarns and colours, and ones that  that I certainly wouldn’t normally have put together. After due consideration i decided that Granny Squares would mix them up better than rows of pattern. The difficulty, though, was deciding on a colour to co-ordinate. I decided that I didn’t want to go for a neutral – black, grey, cream, white etc – this had to be a colour, but which one? And then I remembered something!

You have probably never heard of Constance Howard

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