Home for a rest!

Crochet Along With Me

I’ve just had a week of visual delights! Another trip to Norway is something we have been promising for a very long time. We finally made it!

I’ll probably share a few pictures from time to time – but today I’m catching up on a little rest and emails. They certainly fill the inbox while away.

You’ll be pleased to know that I managed to find some yarn shops – in Stavanger and Bergen. There is even one on Bergen Railway station!

I’ll catch you up with progress and more in a few days. In the meantime – enjoy the above.

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A Touch of Constance

Crochet Along With Me

I enjoy a challenge.

Choosing colours for a project isn’t usually a challenge – and I can work with most of them. This project is probably the nearest I have come to a ‘scrap’ project. I have some yarns left over from previous projects and they are taking up space. They are from a mix of manufacturers, but are all double knitting.

There is such a strange mix of yarns and colours, and ones that  that I certainly wouldn’t normally have put together. After due consideration i decided that Granny Squares would mix them up better than rows of pattern. The difficulty, though, was deciding on a colour to co-ordinate. I decided that I didn’t want to go for a neutral – black, grey, cream, white etc – this had to be a colour, but which one? And then I remembered something!

You have probably never heard of Constance Howard

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Spirit of Catch-Up

Crochet Along With Me

Progress on The Spirit of February is slow. It will certainly take a few more weeks to complete as I work on other projects. Here are the centres of the last 12.

This month is much more muted than the last two. It will be interesting to see the final result – only a few more days to go before the colour choices are complete.

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Crochet Along With Me

To say that I have enjoyed making this blanket is a bit of an understatement. I’ve LOVED making this.

It was made using 14 different colours of acrylic yarn, I’ve listed them at the end of this post. They symbolise the journey of hope of a new life by a refugee – over sea and land to peace, and that hopeful pot of gold.

It has been very difficult to photograph this blanket – the colours have not shown up well in any of my photographs. As you will see from the following list – they are far more vibrant than you might at first imagine!

The yarns used were a mix of Stylecraft Special DK and Scheepjes Colour Crafter – colours as follows:

  • Cloud Blue
  • Sage
  • Cypress
  • Khaki
  • Meadow
  • Nijmegen
  • Pistachio
  • LeidenGold
  • Camel

For the purposes of Sixty Million Trebles I’ve calculated the number made in the blanket. There…

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Always keep an open mind!

Crochet Along With Me

I’m not sure if I’ve said it here before, but I love playing with colour.

No, that isn’t true. I just – love colour!

If I had the time I could happily spend the day combining swatches, playing with paints and other wet media, and more. Of course, there isn’t time for that – but I hav.e a wealth of experience of colour ‘up my sleeve’ thanks to many years of dyeing combinations.  I carefully worked out a sequence for the Sixty Million Trebles blanket. The gold to yellow half went well, and, as planned, moved on towards green.

If you look at the previous posts you will see that two of the ‘yellows’ are very close in colour. This was intentional. I was so pleased to find two greens (both shades of lime) that were as close, but definitely different so on I went. Yes, in daylight this was…

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Home, but not for long! 

Crochet Along With Me

It has been a long while since I have been away for several weekends at a time, but I am off again on Saturday, this time spending time with family. Just a few days, with crochet time in the evening.

Last weekend was spent with a friend who has an amazing studio. This is just a corner.

We worked on several projects including rusting some fabrics

This photo was taken at the start of the process. By the time left there were some interesting marks forming. I also did some stitching, I’ll show you that another day but the bit that really pleased me was that I was able to complete this border

Nikki and I are part of a small textile group named ‘We Three’ (no prizes for guessing how many members there are). We have known each other and worked together for a long time. We have a…

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